A small Wisconsin-based non-profit working in Guatemala and
Honduras to support peace and cross cultural understanding.

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Guatemala January 2017

We began our trip in Antigua the beautiful spanish colonial town. Traveling are: Donna Goodlaxson, Bob Brose, Sue Gerlach, Allen Freiermuth, Matt Buetow, Brenda Betz- Stoltz and me - Jody. It's great to have 3 board members Donna, Brenda and me and also Sue our coffee business manager. I'm especially thrilled to have my son Matt along.

We traveled across the beautiful Lake Atitlan on a boat- lancha arriving at the Posada de Santiago where we'll make our home base for 4 nights.

New Co-op Coffee Blend

In January 2015, members of our Guatemalan and Honduran coffee cooperatives met for the first time ever. Francisco, Hector and Roman traveled up to Guatemala from Honduras and joined a small group of us coming from the U.S.. Together we traveled to visit the UPC coffee cooperative and farms, the Weavers group of Santiago Atitlan, and more. While visiting the coffee farms there was much discussion of the joys of coffee farming, and the techniques and challenges of growing coffee organically.

Hector's report of his trip with Don Chico and Roman to Guatemala, January 2015

This January we invited three Honduran coffee farmers to travel with us in Guatemala. This was a true Farmer to Farmer trip.

Hector wrote a report of his travels. Below is his report in Spanish followed by English (translated by Andy Gaertner).


Informe de viaje de intercambio (encuentro de identidades)

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On the way up the mountain to Don Chico's organic plot

As we hike along the road to Don Chico's organic coffee plot, his grandsons Federico and Sergio (estimated ages 8 and 6) are running circles around us while making motorcycle sounds. They are our guides for the hike and have also brought along a piece of black rope to play with. They uncoil the rope and stretch it between them, slingshotting each other around. One boy slides off the road and the other boy throws him the rope and pulls him up the embankment. Soon they are pulling the rope to stretch across the road and attempting to envelop the gringos who are walking along at our own pace. Alex is briefly imprisoned and he then escapes with a run to the delight of the children. The boys are guiding us up and up and up to the top of the hill that serves as the visual edge of the valley that is El Sute. It is a steep climb and the boys keep running back and forth in their rubber boots, getting twice the hike we do. It is fitting that Federico and Sergio are guiding us to Don Chico's plot because everything he does as a farmer seems to be for their benefit.