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Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Guatemala Human Rights Commission

Friendship Bridge

Friendship Bridge is a non-profit, non- governmental organization that provides microcredit and educational programs so women and their families can create their own solutions to poverty.

Mary Ann Wise

Wisconsin textile artist and committed activist. She’s got a great narrative of her experiences with the Huipil Project, working with us to put on another Guatemalan Textile Trunk Show to raise money for Friendship Bridge.

Posada de Santiago

THE place to stay in Santiago Atitlan.

SOA Watch

Watchdog organization providing current actions, history and legislative updates on it’s work to close the School of the Americas (SOA). The SOA, in 2001 renamed the “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation,” is a combat training school for Latin American soldiers, located at Fort Benning, Georgia. The school is funded by the U.S. government. See our Fall 2006 newsletter for an account of Farmer to Farmer’s involvement with the SOA.

Sharing the Dream

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala is a project that promotes fair trade with cooperatives and small businesses in Guatemala, working to provide fair wages and employment opportunities to low-income artisans. They have a library, senior center and scholarship program in Santiago Atitlan.

Pueblo a Pueblo

A Nonprofit working in Santiago Atitlan. Their main work is with the hospital and they are currently raising money to build a new hospital to replace the one that was destroyed in Hurricane Stan. They also have a Mother/infant healthcare sponsorship and Child education sponsorship

Common Hope, Familias Esperanza

A Minnesota based project. Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families, and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care, and housing Child sponsorship, education, healthcare and much more.

Safe Passage, Camino Segur

Programs for the poorest- at risk children and families that work in the Guatemala City garbage dump, providing hope, good health, educational achievement, self sufficiency, self esteem and confidence, mainly by helping families send their children to school.

Foundations for Education

scholarships for Guatemalan Maya students that are studying in 7th grade up through University. Our program is unique because our scholarship students are required to do community service work during their vacation. We also work together with our students to do educational projects in their rural villages. We believe in giving opportunities for Maya youth to develop their leadership skills while they are studying.

Groups working with weaving in Guatemala

Mayan Hands

artisan cooperative for weavers, sewers, crocheters and basket makers:

  • Brenda Rosenbaum, founder and still active leader (Guatemala City and Albany, NY)
  • Mary Joan Ferrara-Marsland, distributor in the US (Maryland)
  • Deborah Chandler, Director in Guatemala



A cooperative connected with Muese Ixchel, the nacional museum of Indegenious textiles in Guatemala City. Protejé is committed to promote, produce and sell textiles of high quality in order to preserve and revitalize the Mayan textile tradition of Guatemala.

Weave A Real Peace

(its members work globally with textile coops, many work in Guatemala). Cheryl Musch, Executive Director for a little while longer 3102 Classen Blvd. PMB 249 Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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