Board of Directors


Paul Helgeson, President

Paul has farming in his blood.  He grew up on a small farm in Iowa and for the past 45 years has operated a small farm near Connorsville, Wisconsin.  He has been a member of Farmer to Farmer from its beginning in the late 1980’s and has been on the board for the past decade or so.  Paul worked as a renewable energy development engineer before retiring back to the farm in 2008.  He has a great interest in helping empower the indigenous people of Central America as well as refugees from that area in the US.  In the past years he has traveled to Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Cuba.


Donna Goodlaxson, VP/Secretary

First a farmer, second an educator, always an activist - Donna has recently relocated to the twin cities to seek a less carbon-intense life and greater diversity. She hopes to continue to work for change through education and food. Donna has been involved in Farmer to Farmer since the 1990's. She raised 3 kids and farmed in Prairie Farm, WI. She teaches at the Lake Country Land School in Connorsville, Wisconsin.


Brenda Betz-Stoltz, Outreach

Brenda lives in the rural Colfax and part time in Idaho with husband, Dick.  She is a retired sixth grade, middle school, teacher, and has used her profession to take advantage of many opportunities to work for the education of children, especially girls, around the world.  She has spent years traveling in Latin America and Asia working for social justice, education for all children/people, and supporting sustainable tourism – especially in a kayak. Brenda is an active board and has worked primarily with our student scholarships program.  "It is an honor and a pleasure to help empower these wonderful young people.”


Arthur Kneeland, Treasurer

Arthur teaches at UW-Stout and is an Agricultural Entomologist.  Showing students the wonders of the natural world is part of what keeps him going. Working on the board of Farmer to Farmer is one of the ways he is striving to make this world a better place.



Joshua Reed, Local Outreach/Fundraising

Joshua and his wife Ashley and six year old daughter Sequoia live in Eau Claire where Joshua bakes for Mona Lisas Restaurant. For the past 13 years Joshua has worked and lived on 53 organic farms all over the world. He was searching for sustainable solutions when it comes to our food systems. He spent over a year in Belize, Mexico and Guatemala. Joshua and Ashley farm on their land near Spring Valley, Wisconsin.


Jody Slocum, Newsletter

Jody lives in rural West Wisconsin with husband, Kurt Buetow. She is co-owner of Cultural Cloth a retail store in Maiden Rock, WI representing artisans from 23 countries, with a focus on women artisan. The combination of her passion for social justice and textiles brought her to join Farmer to Farmer in 1992 and traveled with the first delegation to Santiago Atitlan. She has been actively involved with F2F ever since.  The coffee business started in her barn in 2000 out of a need to help our Maya friends in Guatemala when prices plummeted internationally. “I receive far more from our Guatemala and Honduras friends than I can ever give. I feel so fortunate to be part of this work.”


Cathleen McCoy , Organizational

Cathleen McCoy has been a part of Farmer to Farmer since the beginning.  She lives with her husband Patrick outside Menomonie. Cathleen is a health coach and co-owner of The Village of White Pine.