How come you only sell coffee from Honduras and Guatemala?

We only sell coffee from locations where we have a personal relationship with the farmers. Our work is intentionally concentrated in Central American countries. We continue to assess opportunities where our efforts could compliment and support our work - remaining mutually respectful and aligning with Our Mission.

Is child labor used?

Yes… and, no. Our coffee farmers are small independent family farmers just like many of our farm neighbors here in the Midwest, They own their land and make the decisions about their family and how they support their livelihoods. They do not work for corporations that have contractual rights to their land, or their crops, and therefore don't put profits above human rights. The farmers make sure that their children get an education.

Where are you located?

The Short We don't have an office. Our part time staff loves the flexibility of working remote from their home offices. Minimizing overhead = maximizing giving. We are a virtual collective residing in the hearts and minds of our coffee team, board, members, volunteers and coffee lovers every where!

And, the Long  Farmer To Farmer is incorporated in Glenwood City, Wisconsin as a 501(c)3 non-profit.  In 2016 the coffee fulfillment was moved from the humble certified food processing room in Jody and Curt's barn in Downing, WI to Up Coffee Roasters. Low and behold, our amazing roaster is also a distributor of café supplies. Leveraging this Minneapolis location streamlines our process, reduces overhead, and brings the freshest coffee possible direct to your door.