Coffee Farmers


Coffee Farmers

GUATEMALA: Our coffee is grown by Mam Maya women farmers, of the Asociación Unión de Pequeños Caficultores ( Small Coffee Farmers Association), aka - UPC.  They live and farm in the mountains of Huehuetenango, close to the border of Mexico. We are very honored to be working with these amazing women.

HONDURAS: Family farmers grow our coffee in three regions of Honduras.  We have nano-lots of coffee from 7 different farmers.  Andy Gaertner, F2F board member, has long term friendships with these farmers dating back to his time in the Peacecorps in 1996- 1998.

Read more about the individual farmers here.

The Project

Farmer to Farmer’s coffee project is committed to developing markets for really good coffee, grown sustainably by farmers in Central America. By forging new relationships and marketing opportunities, these innovative farmers are able to improve their lives. They are proud to educate their children, support their communities and maintain the dignity of their ancestral traditions.

Farmer to Farmer pays above “fair trade” prices to contribute to the efforts of local people to build a diverse and sustainable economy.


Two Communities, Two Coffees


La Democrácia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

This is great organic coffee, with rich flavor and aroma. This coffee receives high praise from our artisan roaster.

Our Huehuetenango coffee is grown by Maya women farmers. Deep volcanic soil, warm days and cool nights provide ideal conditions for these farmers to cultivate and harvest some of the world’s best Arabica coffee.

The women are members of the Asociación Unión de Pequeños Caficultores ( Small Coffee Farmers Association) UPC in La Democrácia, and are involved in the decision making of the coop and involved with the coffee from the seed to the shipping out of the country.

The cooperative closely monitors the quality of the beans to ensure the finest coffee.

Mt. Comayagua, Honduras

Our Organic Honduran Cloudforest coffee is a delicious, well-balanced blend, with excellent flavor in both Medium and French roasts.  The coffee is grown adjacent to the Mt. Comayagua National Park. By farming organically, these farmers are actively participating in preserving this threatened cloudforest.

Andy Gaertner, our former board president, spent three years in Honduras with the Peace Corp working with these farmers. He’s excited to have renewed friendships there. These farmers have been struggling for years to get a fair price for their coffee. Farmer to Farmer is happy to be able to offer them a far higher price as well as access to North American markets.

Our direct relationship is the best way to ensure the farmers get the price they deserve for their coffee while they continue to preserve the cloudforest of Mt. Comayagua.


The Earth


While ethical trading practices and great taste are both important as you choose a cup of coffee, many people are also concerned about the impact of their purchase on the environment.

Farmer to Farmer coffee is shade-grown. The coffee plants grow beneath the forest canopy, and farmers plant more trees as they expand production. Because the farmers are creating natural and healthy growing conditions for the coffee plants, the need for pesticides and herbicides is reduced or eliminated.