A small Wisconsin-based non-profit working in Guatemala and
Honduras to support peace and cross cultural understanding.

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Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter

This newsletter contains

Scholarship News, Coffee Report, New Logo, Trip to Guatemala, 27th Anniversary, Menomonie Community Garden News, Multicolores News, Stand up for Justice.

PDF icon FalllWinter 2016 Webversion.pdf
Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter.

PDF icon F2F Summer 2016 Newsletter.pdf
Spring 2016 Newsletter

Scholarship news, Death of Berta Cáceres, Honduran environmental hero, Annual Meeting April 17th, Coffee News, Multicolores News, Menomonie Community Garden News, Green Skills Day and more.

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Fall 2015

Scholarship letter from university student- Rosa, Scholarship update, Traveling Peru, Coffee rust disease - La Roya, Menomonie Community Garden, Coffee news.

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Summer 2015

Scholarship News, Maya women visit Wisconsin, Tribute to Jeri Pearson, Small Scale Farming in Menomonie, 2015 coffee Here, Who Grows your Coffee?

PDF icon Summer 2015.pdf
Summer 2015 PDF icon Summer 2015.pdf
Spring 2015

Guatemala Adventures, Scholarship Report, Coffee News, Organic at What Price, Annual Meeting, Amery Food Hub.

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Fall 2014

Scholarship News, Children at the Border, Travel to Guatemala.

PDF icon October2014.pdf
Summer 2014

What is going on in Guatemala?

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February 2014

Honduras Adventures

PDF icon February2014.pdf
October 2013

Scholarship Kids

PDF icon October2013.pdf
June 2013

Justice in Guatemala

PDF icon June2013.pdf
March 2013

Travels to Guatemala

Who Buys Our Coffee?

PDF icon March2013.pdf
December 2012

Looking to the past and future in Guatemala

What Makes our Coffee so Special?

PDF icon December2012.pdf